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Twist Pile Carpets

Twist pile carpets are the most popular style of carpet in the UK. The short pile consists of tightly twisted heat-set yarn, providing a hard wearing and practical carpet.

These carpets are ideal for a lounge, dining room, hall, stairs and landing. A twist pile carpet will remain stylish and easy to maintain for years to come.

When considering a twist pile carpet, you will find subtle variations in make up.

The most commonly used fibres are as follows:


Polypropylene has become the most popular man-made carpet fibre. Bleach cleanable, this material is ideal for modern families. The colour is actually locked into the fibre during the manufacturing process so that it cannot be washed out. This produces a carpet that is fade resistant and stain free. Polypropylene is not only hard-wearing and bleach cleanable, but cheaper to produce and excellent value for money.

Wool Mix

Traditionally the fibre of choice, wool has been used in the making of carpets worldwide for hundreds of years. Naturally excellent at keeping its appearance and springing back into shape, a wool twist is known for quality and longevity. Generally, a wool twist carpet is produced as an 80/20 mix, meaning 80 percent of the yarn is wool, mixed with 20 percent man-made fibres to increase strength and durability. The result is a luxury carpet to outlast many others.