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For many people, Underlay can be a second thought, often overlooked when trying to stick to a budget. It is a fact that Underlay will make a huge difference to the look, feel and longevity of your new Carpet.

Some customers consider re-using old Underlay. Ageing Underlay is prone to crumble or collapse, causing your new Carpet to appear uneven and bumpy and wear prematurely. In addition, old Underlay can contain years of dust which can penetrate your new Carpet.

PU (Polyurethane) Foam

This is now the markets most popular Underlay and is typically made from recycled off cuts. The foam provides excellent comfort and performs to the highest standards. With a longer life than traditional Underlays PU in a home will not disappoint.

Sponge Rubber

Introduced in the 1950s, this more traditional Underlay will perform well for comfort. Available in different weights for different applications, rubber has made a resurgence in some sectors, but is not as durable as PU.

Crumb Rubber

Flat and dense, crumb rubber is good for heavy footfall. Offering maximum protection but for a little less comfort. Usually used in an office or commercial setting, this may be the most suitable Underlay for a home office with a wheelie chair.

Good underlay will:
  • Make your Carpet feel better
  • Make your Carpet look better
  • Make your Carpet wear better
  • Improve sound insulation
  • Improve thermal insulation and warmth
Poor or old underlay will:
  • Feel hard under foot
  • Cause wrinkling and premature wear spots
  • Cause Carpet fibres to break down more quickly
  • Void Manufacturer and fitting guarantees

The combination of thickness and density is all important, as thick Underlay with a low density may not perform well. Our 11mm PU is also that with the highest density, meaning it is suitable for every area of the home.



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